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To ensure another six decades of success, we know we need to be meeting tomorrow’s leaders today. The McGough Internship Program offers a full-spectrum picture of a career in construction that includes mentorship, meeting people, and real on-the-job experiences. Many of our interns go on to become full-time employees, too!

About McGough Internships/Co-ops

  • We offer paid internships/co-ops
  • Full-time or part-time opportunities available
  • School credit for participation
  • Personalized training and mentorship
  • 2024 online casinoGet early exposure to career pathway
  • Plenty of networking opportunities

Meaningful Work for a Meaningful Experience

We want you to get a dynamic experience that takes what you’ve learned in school and shows you how to apply it in real life situations, benefiting from the experience of people who once were in your shoes. This isn’t a busy-work, coffee-delivering internship (although we do love coffee!) You’ll see all sides of the job, from the worksite to the office, and be asked to contribute in meaningful ways.

It’s also a chance to meet new people, form friendships, and have fun. McGough takes pride in being a work-hard, play-hard type of company, and you’ll get to participate in social gatherings, team-building, and all the things that make McGough a great place to work.

Apply Now for a 2024 McGough Internship/Co-op

Interested in an internship/co-op? Fill out our application form and upload your resume. Our  talent acquisition team will be in touch to share more information.

Internship Application Form
Diverse group of McGough interns in protective gear on a work site

Building Experience and Relationships

Meet Brady

Brady spent his internship working on a complex warehouse project while learning about many different scopes of work.


Lindsey spent her internship working on a chapel restoration and the renovation of an occupied science building on a higher education campus.

meet bryce

Bryce spent his internship working on a large multi-family apartment project adjacent to a busy international airport.

A former McGough intern (now an employee) talking with her mentor in an office

Hear From Recent McGough Interns

2024 online casino“McGough’s internship program gave me the exact experience I was looking for to gain industry experience. From day one you are given the opportunity to help your team with the day-to-day operations and progressively take on more responsibility along the way. The people of McGough do an amazing job in making you feel a part of the team and helping you grow as a young professional.”

– Nick K.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my summer internship with McGough. My internship experience at McGough gave me so much opportunity to grow professionally and learn about the construction industry. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to further their knowledge of construction and work with great people!”

– Mary W.

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