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The work we do at McGough is challenging – and doing it to our standard of quality is doubly so. Slots game online And that means not only having the skill to do a task, but having the partnership mindset and communication ability to help clients make the right decision and value the work we do.

The Expertise You Need

Image of McGough Project Engineer Leilani Hammel

Project Engineer

Project Engineers are responsible for reviewing, approving and managing technical and engineering portions of the work. They work with Project Managers, spend time both in the office and at job sites, and often have Construction Management or related degrees.

“I wanted to find an industry that I could take a ton of different skills and apply them to. Construction is exciting because no days are the same.”

– Leilani Hammel, Project Engineer


Carpenters are one of the engines that continue to keep McGough as one of the premier builders in many of our markets. Working directly in the field, Carpenters are hands-on everyday, delivering for our customers.

“One of the things I truly appreciate about working at McGough is that you’re really treated with respect and taken care of. You’re not a number – people are really invested in your safety and professional development and well-being.”

– Brett Miller, Assistant Superintendent – Carpenter

Image of McGough Estimator Val Hanson and a co-worker


Estimators are responsible Best online casinos 2024for helping analyze building plans, bills of quantities and other project documentation in order to estimate costs on projects as well as negotiating bids with subcontractors and other partners.

“As an estimator at McGough it is challenging and rewarding being part of a team that guides the project towards an owners’ needs and budget.”

– Val Hanson, Senior Estimator

Image of Josh Yates, Chief Building Engineer for McGough, working on equipment

Building Engineer

McGough’s Building Engineers are key leaders for our facility management teams. They lead daily, helping maintain critical building systems through preventative and requested work orders.

“I like working for McGough because it enables me to highlight my skillset in being a problem solver, a project manager, and a team leader all at the same time. Coupled with that, McGough has supported me fully during my career, helping me finish my schooling while working under the guidance of some really talented professionals and I appreciate that.”

– Josh Yates, Chief Building Engineer

Image of Angela Samargia, Sr. Property Manager for McGough

Property Manager

Our property managers work directly with property owners and tenants providing support and necessary Best online casinos 2024services that keep their building running to the best of their ability.

“From owners, engineers, tenants, attorneys, and vendors you get to work with a wide array of people in this position every day. I enjoy every day of my career and a big part of that is working for a company that supports me and is behind every decision I make.”

– Angela Samargia, Sr. Property Manager

Image of male and female McGough project leaders in safety gear talking at a work site

Project Roles

The people who make our projects go are on some of the key career paths at McGough in our construction group. Each role is responsible for specific tasks and phases on a project, or as they advance in their career path, overseeing and mentoring teams. Within each role, there are places for assistant or associate workers newer to the role, experienced workers, and senior workers with long experience. Search our open jobs to find a project position for you.

  • Project Managers
  • Project Engineers
  • Estimators
  • Superintendents
  • Quality Assurance Professionals

Skilled Trades

As a company with significant self-perform capabilities, McGough also has large numbers of tradespeople and laborers to complete necessary work on our 2024 online casinoconstruction and facilities management projects. We hire at multiple levels in many specialties. Be sure to search our open jobs to see what trade and laborer positions are available in your area.

  • Laborers
  • Machinery Operators
  • Carpenters
  • Cement Masons
  • Bricklayers
A construction worker in safety gear on a McGough job site
A McGough facility management professional working on building equipment

Facility Management Roles

Our Facility Management team is one of the things that sets McGough apart. We employ a full range of property maintenance and operations personnel to run the day to day business of buildings –including those erected or developed by McGough – and consult with these technical experts during construction to ensure we account for post-closeout operations and maintenance. Search our open positions for available facility management roles.

  • Facility Managers
  • Building Engineers
  • Building Maintenance Technicians
  • Property Managers

Support + Corporate Roles

Our headquarters and regional offices depend on a wide range of supporting staff to help us coordinate and maximize the effectiveness of our project and field teams. We frequently seek qualified people, even from positions outside of our industry, who can New online casinos real moneyfill important positions. Search our jobs to find a career opening that matches your skills and interests.

  • Office Managers
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Information Technology
  • Business Development
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Legal and Risk Management
  • Operational Excellence
Two McGough workers in an office reviewing documents on a table
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