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Leading educator and globally recognized research institute, Penn State University, was looking to bring power to the masses in a new, cost-efficient way. Serving more students in-state than any other Pennsylvania-based university, (50,000 students and Slots game onlinethousands more faculty and staff) the university needed a partner to lead their Combined Heat and Power project in their West Campus Power Plant. One who could ensure they experience minimal downtime, maximize uptime and oversee a complicated process with much-needed care and attention to detail.

Having built a long-standing track record of success managing complex projects, we were entrusted to lead this project from beginning to end – overseeing several phases of the project. The first of which included demolition and removal of the existing boiler, in place since the early 1950’s, as well as coal handling equipment. Additional work included abatement of asbestos New online casinos real moneyand lead paint removal from within the plant.

In removing the existing boiler, the project required excavating more than 1 million pounds of existing equipment and materials. All the while, we were asked to maintain minimal outages, working within a continuously operating facility.

The expanded scope also included upgrading existing infrastructure with structural and mechanical updates.

Additional Key Details:

  • 5MW gas-fired combustion turbine
  • 7MW steam turbine generator
  • 5 PPH Heat Recovery Steam Generator
  • Installation of new 12kV switchgear
  • Replacement of all existing 12kV and 4kV relays and controls
  • New generator control system

Cost-Savings Start Early

In successfully managing the budget for Penn State, 2024 online casinothe team utilized project savings to provide funding for a complete re-roof and stone parapet cap replacement at the existing facility.

The facility, now providing nearly two times more efficient heating, cooling, and power to the school’s west campus, is expecting future returns for years to come, thanks to McGough.

Project Details

State College, PA
Completed 2021
Delivery Method
Karges-Faulconbridge, Inc.

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