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When you support the defense department,  the American automotive industry, and help design technology for the world’s leading healthcare providers – it requires care and precision in developing 2024 free bonus casinoyour facilities, much less the products. So, with increasing demand for technologies within the continental U.S. and the need to help solve incredible supply chain challenges – SkyWater technologies needed to up their game.

Luckily – SkyWater, located in south Bloomington, MN – was in close proximity to one of the nation’s leading semiconductor and fab room construction specialists – McGough.

Working directly with McGough, SkyWater then set out to improve their operations to meet the needs of the people, expanding their existing facility – adding more than 64,000 SF to their wafer chip manufacturing building.

Key Features:

  • 8,400 SF of Class 10 fab production
  • New online casinos real money4,500 SF of future Class 10 fab production
  • Waffle slab construction
  • Upgraded mechanical and electrical – stand-alone HVAC and utilities

Partnering early on with SkyWater, we were able to overcome several critical supply chain issues to keep the project on track. Additionally, McGough’s dedicated self-perform concrete staff was able to execute the detailed pouring and finishing of the sub-floor waffle slabs, which are critical structures that require elevated expertise and skill to install.

Working directly with SkyWater Technologies on their recent Foundry addition and renovation, we helped them expand their capabilities to do what they’ve always done – help serve the American public New online casinos real moneyin advancing operations to improve our lives.


Project Details

Bloomington, MN
64,500 SF
Completed 2020
Delivery Method

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Slots game online

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