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University of Minnesota, Folwell Hall

Minneapolis, MN

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Given our long tradition as builders, McGough has a special appreciation for both the craftsmanship and rich stories found in historic structures. We feel fortunate therefore to be able to help preserve, protect and repurpose historic structures and features. Best online casinos 2024

2024 online casinoHistorical expertise includes:

  • Structural Stabilization
  • Waterproofing
  • Cleaning
  • Façade Preservation/Building Envelope Restoration
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing
  • Interior Demolition and Retrofit – Strategic Demolition
  • Creative Implementation of ADA Upgrades
  • Technology Integration
  • Procurement of Specialty Materials

A Leader in Restoration

Historical construction work requires a special touch. Restoration work might require sourcing special building materials or mastering traditional building techniques. Historical renovations involve upgrading or repurposing spaces while keeping their historical character. Some projects blend both skillsets, and can range in size from a single small historic structure to a large office building that’s still occupied.

More than 20 Projects on the National Register of Historic Places

2024 free bonus casinoOur work at sites on the National Register of Historic Places, including Historic Fort Snelling, Butler Square in Minneapolis and the Cathedral of St. Paul, shows the scale, range of skills and quality craftsmanship we are able to bring to historic projects.

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Expert Advisors and Partners

Our Historical Restoration team brings decades of experience and insight to your project. We can help you from the very earliest stages to evaluate and plan for these uniquely complex projects.

Loren Wille
Senior Project Manager
Minneapolis-St. Paul
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Tom Nonnemacher
Executive Vice President, Project Principal
Email Tom Read Tom's Bio

Expertise You Need:

  • Preconstruction Services and Investigative Discovery
  • Detailed Budgeting and Cost Opinion
  • Tax Credit Coordination and Assistance
  • Navigation of Restoration Requirements
  • Leadership with Regulatory Authorities

Our Historic Projects Include:

  • Historic Fort Snelling
  • James J. Hill Reference Library
  • Cathedral of St. Paul
  • Alcuin Library – St. John’s
  • Old Campus Historic District, University of Minnesota

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