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Some construction companies would have you believe that innovation is synonymous with technology. We believe technology is a tool in the innovation story, but the real driver of 2024 online casinoinnovation is always the people. Slots game online

A team of McGough construction workers in safety gear gathered on a building's roof


McGough people are encouraged to be creative problem solvers. When things get off track – and something will in a big project – we encourage them to own it and offer creative solutions.

Four McGough project team members in an office looking at a rendering of a building


We have a collaborative culture and encourage the sharing of learnings from real-world experience, and internal lessons learned. Our people are open to new ways of working that save time, effort and money.

Computer-generated 3D rendering of a building showing components and sections


We like new technology as much as anyone. We keep up to date on new developments, and if it is more than a flash in the pan, we embrace new ways of doing things and learn how to apply them. Learn about our Virtual Design capabilities.

McGough engineer on a job site using handheld electronic measurement devices

Innovation in Action

With more than six decades of experience, we have tons of examples where taking an innovative approach resulted in a better-finished project. These are just a few high-level examples; connect with us to learn more about how we can put our creative problem-solving to work for you.

  • Custom Prefabrication: In challenging projects with tight timeframes, we identified an opportunity to order custom prefabricated components and shave critical time off a project.
  • Redesign to Address Material Scarcity: During the height of COVID disruptions, we kept projects on track by collaborating with architects and engineers to replace hard-to-get steel joists with alternative supports.
  • Identify and Manage Project Risks Upfront: During design and pre-construction, our teams collaborate with owners, design partners, and our internal Centers of Excellence to set up our projects for success and eliminate surprises.
  • 3P’s and Mock-ups: We provide expertise in designing efficiency into buildings to explicitly fit the occupants’ needs with layout, usage of space, and flow of their work. We also use 3P methodology to ensure our execution plan fits the design, site, and schedule.
  • Maximizing Nearby Worksites: Where we have worksites nearby, we have come up with ways to share expertise and resources to the benefit of all projects.
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