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New online casinos real money We believe that a safe workplace is essential for the success of our employees, partners, and clients, and we foster a strong safety culture by thinking, behaving, and working in ways that promote a safe workplace.

safety facts

  • 2023 EMR of 0.65
  • No OSHA citation in 15 years
  • 12 Minnesota Governor’s Safety Council Awards since 2002

A Purposeful Approach to Construction Safety

Safety, as the saying goes, is no accident. It takes planning and commitment. At McGough, we have dedicated resources and safety managers on every project conducting site audits, safety meetings and site orientations. We actively incorporate specific safety requirements of the owner and participate in OSHA’s consultation program.

Row of McGough hard hats and yellow vests on a table at a job site


McGough’s “A Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction” (AWAIR™) safety program exceeds the most stringent OSHA regulations, is ASHA Best online casinos 2024approved and ensures compliance.

Group of McGough construction workers gathered around a safety team leader


We instill a safety culture through positive reinforcement, accountability, and discipline. We benchmark progress through annual surveys and internal tracking tools.

A McGough subcontractor seen from behind donning safety gear


We require subcontractors to meet our safety standards, conducting regular evaluations of their safety programs and on-site safety behaviors.

McGough safety engineer speaking to a group of construction workers on a job site

Safety Starts at the Top

From our owners to our newest employee, safety is a part of life at McGough. You can count on McGough to bring this approach to safety to every project we work on.

  • Leadership Commitment: All leaders at McGough are expected to create a clear and visible expectation of safety in their daily work and with their team members.
  • Clear Roles and Accountability: All McGough employees, whether in the office or field, have a role to play to ensure safe operations across the company.
  • Training and Education: Thoughtful approaches to training and education help our employees know how to contribute to a safe workplace.
  • Risk Assessment and Planning: We have a mindset for identifying hazardous situations and addressing them before they become actual safety issues.
  • Communication and Response: Clear and timely communication of safety issues builds trust. Timely and thorough analysis helps prevent future issues and incidents.
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