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At McGough, we prioritize environmentally-conscious design, sustainable construction, flexibility and reduced operating expenses in all our projects, regardless of size or certification. 2024 online casino

Key Sustainability Services

  • Full Well/LEED/B3 Certification Administration
  • LEED O+M and Arc Recertification
  • Green Product and Equipment Planning
  • Facility Maintenance Planning
  • Sustainable Purchasing Planning
  • Ongoing Building Performance Tracking

A Leader in Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction isn’t just about a certificate you get to put on the 2024 online casinowall – it’s also good business. Energy-efficient buildings and waste reduction saves money, while building wellness features improve tenant experience and can create a more functional space. We understand the advantages of sustainable construction having executed reduced-footprint projects for hundreds of clients.

Colorful image showing the computer-generated 3D image of a building's layout


Before work begins, we can help you identify goals and areas of focus for the finished building.

  • Site planning and analysis
  • Certification feasibility assessment
  • Materials review and analysis
  • Indoor air quality best practices
  • Subcontractor bid evaluations
  • Energy efficiency and water use consulting
  • Operational cost comparisons
Image of the atrium of a building under construction by McGough


During construction, we execute your plan and make the worksite efficient.

  • SWPPP management
  • WELL/LEED/B3 certification administration
  • Waste reduction and management
  • Best online casinos 2024Submittal reviews
  • Sustainable materials sourcing
  • IAQ/waste management plans
  • Flush-out calculations and air testing

Areas of Impact

We are especially proud of our achievements and expertise in key areas of greener construction.

  • Waste Reduction and Recycling: We prioritize waste reduction on our job sites, tracking and recycling materials including metals, aggregate, fiber, wood, and reused items.
  • Energy Assistance and Efficiency: We actively work with clients to obtain energy assistance and rebates and collaborate with partners to optimize energy strategies and payback periods.
  • Intelligent Solutions for Smart Buildings: We embrace intelligent, self-optimizing applications like 75F, which provide real-time management of integrated building systems.
  • Wellness-Focused Construction: We understand the need for partners who want to create spaces focused on personal wellness and health.

Government Funding and Sustainability Requirements

For projects with government funding, we consider the specific sustainability requirements laid out in B3/SB2030. Our team, supported by internal sustainability and MEP experts, evaluates various strategies to meet fresh air and energy efficiency requirements, including exploring renewable energy options.

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